Tuition fee


Credits /year/

Cost per credit

Tuition fee /year/

Mongolian language program 21 437.500MNT 9.187.500MNT
Undergraduate /Bachelor/ 30 350.000MNT 10.500.000MNT
Graduate /Master/ 16 647.500MNT 10.360.000MNT
Graduate /Doctorate/ 16 700.000MNT 11.200.000MNT
Student exchange 21-30 waivered waivered
Dormitory fee

Number of person

Monthly fee

Room condition

Room facilities

Common facilities

1 person 356,500 MNT ~ 2 rooms in one
~ Shared bathroom
between 2 rooms
~ Painted floor
without carpets
~ Bed
~ Chair
~ Desk
~ Wardrobe
~Bed set
~ Shared fridge
between 2 rooms
~ Shared kitchen
~ Shower
~ Laundry
2 person 178,200 MNT
3 person 120,700 MNT
Visitor 34,500 MNT
Other expense

Health insurance

International students are advised to buy international student’s health insurance from home country during study period in Mongolia. Mongolian National Health Insurance costs 105,000 MNT for one year and covers 10-15% of medical expenses. NUM organizes student medical health check-up annually within NUM Hospital.

Public transport

NUM buildings are located right beside bus stops. Bus fare in Mongolia costs 500 MNT per ride.
Passengers should obtain U-Money bus card.


Train ~ 300,000 MNT
Plane ~ 1,200,000 MNT

Living expenses

Monthly expense ~ 452,000 MNT

Books, textbooks

~20,000 MNT